IT Infrastructure
Organisations having Business Aligned IT Infrastructure are able to experience streamlined operations and controlled IT Infra management costs. CDP delivers composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment.

Its scalable & flexible IT Infra helps organisations make IT solutions/ services available to their employees, partners or customers and exercise better control on Organisational facilities. An optimised Infrastructure consumption helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thereby giving a competitive edge to organisations.
IT Security & Storage
We all value living and operating in a secure environment and this holds true for new age businesses today more than ever before. At CDP, we lay special emphasis on the security needs of our clients and provide comprehensive solutions that guard them against growing threats and offer them smart preventive technology at a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

CDP covers protection against physical, environmental, application, database, network and personal domains of your system. Our focus remains on identifying the specific security needs of our customers and tailoring information security solutions suitable for their business. In a virtual space of World Wide Web, where high security standards are imperative for businesses, we at CDP ensure your web security by delivering robust solutions through our partnerships with global giants like Checkpoint, Cisco and Symantec.
Virtualization technology is possibly the single most important issue in IT and has started a top to bottom overhaul of the computing industry. The growing awareness of the advantages provided by virtualization technology is brought about by economic factors of scarce resources, government regulation, and more competition. Virtualization is now associated to a number of computing technologies like:
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization
  • Operating System level Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
Today's business needs reliable and secure communication tools to interact with employees, customers and business partners.

A well sorted and thoroughly managed IT Infrastructure can help your business control costs, accelerate growth, ensure scalability and mitigate risks. CDP helps its clients in proactive management, hassle free performance, and facilitation of service based capacity planning across networks. The flexible nature of our network management allows uninterrupted access to network at all points of time. Our years of experience enables us to foresee customers business lifecycle requirements and allows them to enjoy maximum uptime for critical network along with optimum utilization of the network resources.

Under Network management Services (NMS), we examine and notify the network functionality and availability of devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and security gateways. We manage network resource utilization of applications, devices & groups, Interface utilization, errors and number of connections for network devices. A dedicated team also conducts close check on network thresholds & usage, proactive scrutiny on network degradation. Clients receive alerts prior to any damage apart from services in device management, configuration management, fault management & load management. Through our strategic alliance partners, we provide solutions that reflect global standards of quality and processes.