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End User Devices devices_other
Businesses often face issues with device technology, including user tools that do not meet their needs, degrade service productivity and provide poor user experiences. These issues get compounded by expensive end user devices and associated services, an inability to change devices to meet user needs, being in ‘lock in’ state with incumbent products and suppliers for technical and commercial reasons.

CDPs approach is to establish user needs as central to digital services and tools. We deliver globally proven devices to the end user that maintain high standards of service quality right from new device set-up, to device life cycle management , support & replacement. We take care of all areas of support including- Troubleshooting IT-related issues either remotely or in-person, Aiding in the ticket resolution process, Installing and Upgrading Software or Hardware, remote or in-person software installation, assist with equipment movement, relocate device equipment within shared service areas and address operations changes for the clients. Our focus is to ensure quality user experience with proportionate security measures, sustained value and easily accessible IT.
Computer Peripherals print
The revolution in the Peripherals industry is being driven by the need for modern businesses to adapt to changes in the market environment and the technological landscape. Like other technology-oriented industries, the computer and peripherals market is constantly innovating and we strive to keep our clients infrastructure updated.

We understand the needs of businesses of varied sizes and provides the finest peripherals from Printers, Scanners and MFPs to Accessories to meet you day-to-day requirements. Efficient Service and Support through our competent team of experts is our trademark work style. No matter what your computer and peripherals needs may be, CDP is the secure sourcing partner you can depend on.
Storage & Networking storage
There exists a very fine line between what is seen and what’s unseen. That’s the difference between your visible business areas and the not so visible IT systems, networks and servers that support your everyday business performance. These unseen resources need to be reliable, available 24 X 7, scalable, flexible and secure for your business to perform and become profitable.

In an increasingly virtual world, businesses need to stay current with use of servers, workstations, storage, switches, routers and racks so that the seen and unseen resources continue to function smoothly. CDP ensures that these unseen infrastructure of applications, servers, telecommunications networks and storage are ably supported by what is seen- our people who configure, maintain, manage and take care of your changing business needs..
IT Security & Availibility lock
CDP provides a variety of IT Security & Availability services to help your company get where it wants to go, including Firewall, Link Laod Balancer, Anti-Virus and more. Our wide range of products and services can be custom-configured to meet your managed IT security and compliance needs. Our IT security services ensure every aspect of your network is secure. We design solutions to protect some of the most sophisticated networks, work with some of the best security solutions including the banking & financial Institutions. While we strive to reduce the cost of your IT security needs, we do not compromise on its quality because for us when we secure your network, we also secure our reputation along with yours.

You can no longer leave your security to auto-pilot. Security policies and configurations on your firewall devices must be updated to ensure appropriate access controls are consistent with changing business environments. We continuously monitor your network firewall traffic to identify and respond to threats proactively. Businesses working with us are deriving many benefits such as remove the management & monitoring burden with our 24 x 7 monitoring service, protect systems & data and meet compliances.

Our Link load balancing & Anti-Virus services assures continuous operation of enterprise applications and cloud services and helps guarantee uptime and service level agreements, reduce bandwidth costs, improve the end user experience and hassle free business security.
Operating Systems desktop_windows
CDP supports Microsoft, Red Hat & Cent OS operating systems. Our Certified professionals can diagnose and troubleshoot issues with your operating system and repair all errors. Major issues like Internet browsing problems, conflicts and compatibility issues, installation of up-to-date software and drivers, and operating system’s speed and performance get managed proactively.

We deliver the best tech support for your Operating System. Our services incude- 24/7, online support for Microsoft Windows operating system , Troubleshooting of software and start-up errors, resolution of software and driver conflicts, fixing problems with Internet browsing and related errors, Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the Internet. CDP professionals are skilled technicians with an ability to customize your operating system to boost your computer’s speed and performance.