Manage your

Parking Spaces

Jamming your car into the secluded parking area, just few inches away from another car to avoid that unfortunate scratch is the real problem we are hurdled by the us these days. CDPs effective parking space management offers convenience for your conveyance in parking spaces and enables a smooth vehicular entry and exit.

Parking Management System in India
Enhanced Visibility

The artificial intelligence and smart censors deployed at parking lots scan the entire area for used spaces and empty spaces, giving a clearer and accurate visibility of the parking slots on the mobile app. It prevents unauthorized movement of the vehicles. Every new car that is entering the parking premises can be registered with its license plate in the database.

Increased Efficiency

Users don't have to drive around the entire parking arena to find an empty space. The sensors places in the parking lot detect the free space and display the same to the users on mobile app. It also gives direction details to find the empty spot and park with seamless experience. The allotment of parking spaces on basis of VIP enrollment omits the cluttered parking management.

Web Dashboard

The admin keeps a tab on the entire parking lot through Web Dashboard. It gives the occupancy and vacancy ratio and shows which vehicle occupied space for maximum and minimum time.

Mobile Apps

Users can access the mobile application to view where the free space of parking is available and how close they are to it.

Parking Guidance Displays

A navigation guide to direct you and take you to the empty parking destination. It gives a visual map-display of the parking lot.

Smart Features

A glimpse at other key ingredients of Parking Management that enhances the user experience.

License plate recognition

The license plate recognizing cameras read the plate digits and allow driving of vehicle accordingly.

Space Reservations

Pre book your parking space in advance with your mobile device to avoid searching for spot in future.

Automate Guidance

Drive your way-in and way-out with the help of our elaborate navigation system Occupancy Monitor- Have a constant watch on the occupied parking spaces and keep alerts for unauthorized movements.

Occupancy Monitor

Have a constant watch on the occupied parking spaces and keep alerts for unauthorized movements.

Space Analytics

Arrange data with respect to number of cars and entered and exited, free and filled spots and new or old visitors.

Integrate with Barriers and Gates

Link your vehicle with automated gates and barriers to save time and efforts.