Manage our

Office Space

Smart Office makes Smart Profits. The 1OfficeView application regulates your organization space in the most optimum way possible. The vivid divisions assists in building a progressive working environment which eases work and saves time.

Meeting Rooms

Have the flexibility of booking meetings and resources anytime and anywhere.

Hot Desk

Reserve your desk at work place as per your scheduled timing and preference.

Work Spaces

Enjoy the experience of a resourceful and equipped workplace as per your need and time.


A more secure, safer and smoother system to store your things. Eliminate the need for dangling keys.

Parking Space

A Virtual Valet to park your vehicles with accuracy of space and direction.

Live Occupancy & Monitoring

1OfficeView over-watches the current usage of meeting rooms, hot desks and other resources to makes sure smooth flow of operations. The continuous coordination ensures optimum use of organization resources.

Workplace Analytics

A clear and accurate utilization report of resources is generated and submitted to the location admins. This enables them to determine what free resources are available and how to deploy them to best use.

Calendar Integration

1Office View synchronizes with the present Calendar System (Google Calendar, Exchange or Office 365) which helps in sending meeting requests to the concerned parties at even a short notice.

Tailored as per

Your Needs

1OfficeView’s extreme flexibility is what makes it the customer-favorite. Every little detail of it can be customized and aligned as per the organizational needs. From a small scale start up to a large revenue pulling establishment, 1Office View caters to requirements of all kinds of business enterprises.

Your Custom Branding

Connect 1OfficeView with your current computing infrastructure and let the work flow without any disruption.

Integrate with existing software & hardware

Connect 1OfficeView with your current computing infrastructure and let the work flow without any disruption.

Get Customized Reports

Generate reports as per your desired criteria and regulations. Filter out what data you would like to see.

Set Organization wise Rules

My Software, My Rules. Enable your own set of terms and conditions regarding resources, timing and duration which is to be followed by the entire office.