Manage your

Meeting Space

MRM lets the users decisively book meeting rooms as per their preferred time and duration. You can reserve meeting area from anywhere and anytime you want, without having to be present at the workplace.

The entire meeting schedule can be pre-determined and intimated to the other employees through an integrated system.

Digital infrastructure

Enhanced Visibility

MRM provides a thorough analysis of meetings, the occupancy and vacancy of rooms and the utilization trend. This helps the manager to build a strong database and make timely informed decisions for improvising working experience. It establishes better productivity in organization.

Increased Efficiency

Booking meetings has been a tedious task so far. Making lists, inviting people, selecting rooms and making sure everyone shows up. With MRM, you can dive into more important aspects of work rather than spending time on fixing one meeting. The ready mobile application reserves meeting spaces in just few taps.

Web Dashboard

The Dashboard displays the quantum of rooms occupied and the ones that are free to be used. It gives a detailed exhibition of number of meetings taking place, personnel attending such meetings and the length of it, at a particular time. A quick glance would reveal all you want to know.

Mobile Apps

Employees can access their mobile application from anywhere and at anytime to book a meeting room. As per their convenience, they can view what kind of rooms will be suitable for their conference purpose and reserve the day, time and duration. Just few clicks and Viola!

Meeting Room Display App

Each meeting room is to be installed with tablets with Facial Recognition (QR Code) attribute, ensuring authorized check-in of the users in the room. The entire schedule of the meeting is displayed on the tablet screen, providing a definite view of the day’s itinerary.

Smart Features

A glimpse at other key ingredients of Meeting Room Management that enhances the user experience.

Meeting Room Check-Ins

Enter within the authorized meeting room through scanning a QR code from the mobile app that is already generated at the time of booking.

Calendar Integration

The complete meeting schedule is integrated with Google Calendar, Office 365 or other Calendar systems used by the organization.

Facial Recognition

Access the meeting room with help of Facial Recognition system which is highly secure and accurate.

Confidential Meetings

The complete meeting schedule is integrated with Google Calendar, Office 365 or other Calendar systems used by the organization.

Floorplan View

The Floor-plan of the entire meeting arena is available on the mobile app, making it convenient for the users to find their way through the whole vicinity.

Invite Visitors

You can also forward meeting invites to personnel that are not employees of the organization. MRM allows to send links to visitors to attend the arranged meeting.