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In today’s day and era, managing a key-chain full of chiming keys is tedious and impractical. With CDP’s advanced locker system, eliminate the need to keep physical keys and store your valuable objects with more safety and security.

Our simple to use and easy to manage locking solutions are available with either basic or advanced functions to tailor the management of the system to operational requirements.

Keyless Locker Management
Enhanced Visibility

Since each access is technically monitored, the system facilitates safety of locker items and avoids theft or misplacement of the objects stored in the lockers.

Increased Efficiency

A 4-digit PIN Number is generated to access the contents of the locker. Such PIN can be either entered in the mobile phone or tablet device stationed outside the locker. Users don’t have to bother about keeping their locker keys safe or even forgetting them at their homes. Just remember the code and the door opens!

Web Dashboard

This section displays which lockers are currently available for storage and which ones are already utilized for how much duration of time. It gives a detailed overview of all the lockers and their booking schedule at a given point of time.

Mobile Apps

It’s the user’s interface to scroll through the locker availability and reserve space for their own purpose. You can specify the date and time of requirement and create your own private PIN to open your locker.

Locker Controller App

The Locker Controller application stays open at the threshold of the lockers, in the mobile or tablet device, where users can input their 4-digits PIN Number and open the locker door.a

Smart Features

A glimpse at other key ingredients of Keyless Locker Management that enhances the user experience.

Keyless and Secure

Lockers that are more secure and opens without any physical key.

Easy Bookings

Locker reservations are made extremely easy with user-friendly interface that allows viewing vacant lockers.

Smart Devices

Take a leap in technology by substituting the traditional lockers with electronically advanced locker systems.

Locker Area View

A completely monitored arena to safeguard the locked items inside.

Booking Analytics

Generate reports about the frequency of locker usage and booking to make an informed decision.

Booking Rules

Customize locker booking rules as per the organizational needs and requirements. Implement a strict adherence policy.