Manage your


Hot Desk Management allows employees to manage where they sit day-to-day or week-to-week with upcoming desk reservations. It offers a flexible sitting arrangement where users can set their working environment at the desk of their preference.It is a convenient way of establishing your own cabin whenever you want.

Digital infrastructure

Enhanced Visibility

Since working desks can be accessed by scanning the QR code from user’s mobile device, it gives a clear idea of who is currently using which desk and for how much duration of time. The next reservation of the desk can be done so accordingly by looking up in the phone application

Increased Efficiency

HDM is a volatile workstation which ensures maximum discharge of enterprise resources. Such module is very easy to set up and subject to comfortable maintenance and repair.

Web Monitoring Dashboard

It exhibits the over-all structure of which desk is occupied by whom and what time it can be made available. The complete supervision of all desks provides a definitive idea of the occupancy and vacancy.

Mobile Apps

Users can directly reserve the working desks from the mobile application. They can find the appropriate desk as per their preference and book it easily.

QR Based Instant Booking

If a user is around an empty hot-desk, they can just scan the QR code and acquire their seat. Such set-up is quite accommodative.

Smart Features

A glimpse at other key ingredients of Hot-Desk Management that enhances the user experience.

Desk Check-Ins

Check-in to your desks with just a brisk scan of Quick Respond Code and start your work immediately.

Desk Classifications

Desks can be classified for users as per their frequency of use. Some desks can also be blocked from booking by the admin.

Instant Booking

If a user is around the hot-desk area, they can just scan the QR code and acquire an empty desk.

Find your colleagues

Find out where your co-workers are sitting and reserve a seat adjacent to them for your convenience.

Floorplan View

Get an exact visual image of all the desks placed across the floor and manage them accordingly.

Desk Analytics

Get details of desk users and desk hours of particular day and time to plan your logistics.