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A Digital Workplace is a unified platform to manage all the daily activities of a typical business.Digital Workplace provides a capability to monitor, control, react to the business digitally without much effort.

Digital Workplace encourages connectivity, security and management of resocure among the employee.Our Digital Business Solution can drive your business to a digital level

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Digital Ecosystem

Create a Digital Workplace with our Solutions that reduce our workplace friction, improves wokplace utilization and security to sensitive areas.

Workplace Analytics

Analytical Reports that help you to monitor your workplace, Manage and find valuable visitor and identify underutilize workplace resources.

Attendance Management

Tick the employee’s presence at workplace through an advanced-feature Attendance System that works on an online platform

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Visitor Management

A perfect tool to keep detailed record tracking of purpose and movement of each visit of every visitor across all the head office and branch offices.

Meeting Room Management

A smart and convenient medium to book meeting rooms in the office from anywhere and anytime as per your preference.

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marketing management

Hot-desk Management

A safe way to secure your deskplace at the workstation through a QR code. The seating arrangement has never been easier.

Locker Management

A model that eliminates the necessity to store keys for the lockers. The electronically advanced lockers ensure safety and security for your valuable objects.

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Parking Management

An intelligently enhanced sensor system that takes care of parking space problems and manages the movement of vehicles.

Cafeteria Management

The integrated Food & Technology solution we offer is designed to enhance the employee's cafeteria experience through an intuitive and seamless integration of products and services.

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Workspace Management

This solution enables to make informed and quick decisions about every square foot of workspace. The work space management platform enables to accurately optimize space utilization and track space usage in real-time.

Presence Analytics

This platform gives your venues an unprecedented level of insight into user behaviour and opportunities to engage users directly. From the continual storage of this intelligence key elements can be identified, such as how long the users/ devices stay in a location and how often the users/ device returns.

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