Networking solutions

Modern Offices are spread across the globe and BYOD provides unique security challenges .

CWith increasing trend of Cloud computing makes the need for network most critical for application delivery and performance. Networking forms a major part of the organization to enable communication between different devices within and outside the organization.

CDP offers unique solutions for enabling customers to implement BYOD with highest level of security and delivering application performance for increasing productivity

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The movement of data and information in or within the organization is completely dependent on the network in the organization. It is important to choose the right switch based on the number of ports required, network speed for data transmission, PoE (Power over Ethernet) considerations. Stacking and the type of use i.e. access switches or datacenter swithces.

There are 2 main types of switches: modular and fixed configuration. Modular switches are mainly to meet the expansion needs of the organization, while fixed configurations are for projects that have pre-defined network port requirements.

At CDP, we have the capability to survey the entire site and propose the best networking solution to reduce network related complaints, improve throughput and manageability.

Access Points

Most of the organizations are moving to wireless technologies for networking. These wireless access points are not just networking components for accessing corporate data but are a key part of building an IoT infrastructure.

Modern day access points comprise the capability to create wireless LAN and act as Bluetooth gateways. The wlan helps users to access corporate data, while the Bluetooth gateways help in taking signals from various IoT devices within the premise.

Placing of access points is very critical for getting maximum throughput and accuracy for Iot. CDP with its expertise in networking and IoT solutions, are a perfect vendor to considers for your IoT and Wi-Fi setup.

NAC (Network Access Control)

Managing secure access to corporate network is one of the biggest headaches for the IT managers. Ensuring the devices are complying by the policies of the organization is another important task of the IT managers.

NAC solutions are just the right fit for ensuring that only compliant devices are given access to the corporate network. the solution check marks whether the device meets all the policies set by organization like recent patches for windows, antivirus, etc. If any of the parameters doesn’t meet the organization guidelines, it doesn’t give access to users.

Hence it works as a compliance enforcer to reduce the security risks for the organization.


Major Challenge for any organization is managing multiple ISPs across multiple branches. SDWAN, or software defined wide area network, is just the solution to ensure you use your ISPs in optimized and secure way. SDWAN allows usage of multiple types of ISPs like the lease lines, broadbands and LTE cards.

With an increase in cloud-based SaaS applications, employee productivity becomes highly reliant on the WAN bandwidth. With SDWAN, organizations can manage balance the bandwidth utilization of each application and ensure smooth experience for all the employees.

In the coming years, SDWAN is going to play a major role in the security and access from anywhere framework.

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