IT Productivity Tools

With the increase in the number of applications, hybrid cloud infrastructure, work from home scenarios, BYOD,IT infrastructure management has become a complex task. To reduce this complexity, we offer various automation software tools. We offer various IT asset management and IT operation management tools for automating various operating tasks.

Another important aspect for remote working is providing remote support to all employees to ensure smooth implementation of Work from Home.

IT Asset Management

Managing the lifecycle of IT assets is one critical task for the organization. This is mainly an important aspect in making procurement decisions, compliances, patch management, etc.

IT Asset Management tools are very helpful in maintaining a complete inventory of all the IT assets within the organization. It keeps and inventory of all the hardware as well as the software being used in the organization.

Central console can be used to do patch upgrades of all the devices in the organization. Thus helping organization to maintain compliances.

CDP offers managed services to design deploy and maintain such ITAM tools.

Remote Support

One of the major problems in work from home setup, is managing the remote support to ensure smooth functioning of the employees. Majority of the support had to be done remotely to ensure continuity.

CDP offers various remote support tools which can help in easy access for remote diagnosis and file transfers. These solutions have a multi-session capability, enabling support agents to manage multiple issues. There is an integration available with ticketing tools to ensure that all cases are resolved and logged. Manage all the computers in your organization remotely from a centralized location.

IT Operations Management

ITOM tools are used for managing the capacity, cost, performance, security, and availability of infrastructure and services including on-premises, private cloud and public cloud deployments.

CDP offers AI enabled ITOM tools for AIOps. This helps customers to get alerts and notifications regarding major incidents based on predictive intelligence.

Employee Monitoring Tools

WFH has increased the need for monitoring the employee productivity. With employee monitoring tools, CDP helps its customers to track the working hours of employees. The tools help in getting the productive hours of employees throughout the working day. There are custom policies and reporting to ensure, the management and supervisors are well-informed about the activities of the employees.