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We are one of the rooted companies in India to provide digital infrastructure products and services with supreme quality. From a long series of peripheral products such as laptops, desktops, notebooks, etc. and exploring and exploiting the mighty Cloud models to shielding your precious data from outsiders with strong security layers and breaking the barrier between the virtual and physical world.

CDP is one of the most coveted digital partner of Indian businesses. Our partnership with global giants provides a qualitative edge to the clients when it comes to electronic equipment and managing IT.

Digital infrastructure
4000+ Customers

CDP’s clientele spheres across various business channels such as Banking and Financial Sectors, Consulting, Manufacturing, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, totaling up to a number of 4000+ satisfied and loyal customers who rejoice and relish our quality and innovation

30+ Big Brands

The liaison of CDP with celebrated Industry brands reaffirms the virtue of the products and services offered by us.

Datacenter Solutions

Extend and improve your current storage and server capacities with CDP’s progressive Datacenter Solutions. We offer unconventional facilities like Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Hyper Converge Solutions that have proven to be a breakthrough in client Infrastructure. Our impulse to always serve the latest and best products builds an innovative and dynamic workplace.



Virtualization is a revolutionary phenomenon in the field of IT that has started a top to bottom overhaul of the computing industry. Virtualization is the concept of creating a virtual space instead of physical hardware platforms, applications, storage and other devices. It has resulted in saving substantial amount in IT Infrastructure Investments and faster functioning of organization. The need for virtualization technology is brought about by economic factors of scarce resources, government regulation, and more competition.

Networking Solutions

CDP Provides secure and fast access to corporate network to users present at remote locations through internet. We link them with client’s internal data with utmost ease. Our connectivity services are powerful and uninterrupted to let the business operations conduct in smooth flow. We offer additional layer of security for prevention of data leakage or any other threat.


Cloud Computing

Over the years, Cloud Hosting has become a significant stepping stone towards mitigation of cost and enhancement of efficiency in a flourishing organization. Amongst a long list of indispensible advantages, Cloud Technology has brought a revolution in Organization infrastructure. Cloud architecture involves substantially lesser investments in IT Hardware and Software purchases, allowing cost effectiveness. Through fast speed and performance, Cloud eliminates IT complexities and conjures an efficient working environment


We understand the value and sanctity of our client’s confidential data. Our security measures excel at identifying threats, removing them and safeguarding information proactively. We prevent unauthorized access to devices, barring hijackers from entrance and malicious viruses to enter the system.

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CDP offers top notch devices with the increased product life and better user experience, overall contributing to higher productivity. From installation, upgrading, replacement and salvaging, CDP lends the helping hand for the uninterrupted use of devices. Since all the devices are par with internationally high standards, there is no space for compromise in quality

IT Management Tools

Installing IT equipments is one thing but managing them is a sweating hard-task. We at CDP, tend to the client’s IT assets regularly and manage the installed devices from time to time. Depending on your working environment (Internal Data Center or Hybrid Cloud), we grease your IT tools in the fastest and the most cost-effective way possible. We take care of old installations, new updates and predict future requisites for IT as per client’s business scale.

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