Manage your

Sales and Activities

A robust solution to manage, track and target the potential leads and clients of the organization. It smartly assigns tasks to different sales representatives who work on converting a prospective lead to a satisfied customer.

The record and analysis of every customer helps to evaluate the positives and negatives of the sales performance.

Sales Lead Management Software To Target Potential Leads - CDP India
Single Platform for Everything

The solution provides a cumulative platform to view all the leads of the business and the timely progress made with them. The database allots the task to the personnel without much effort which lets the sales department focus on soliciting actual revenue than on choosing the right salesman. It saves valuable time and energy.

Detailed Information

Detailed information about all the leads, tasks allotted to sales-rep, counts of calls and visits made and the sales contract entered for the period, the entire where-about of the client can easily be accessed through this solution in just few clicks. Instead of going through different software for different details, find them all at one place.

Manage your Leads and Customer

Manage your

Leads and Customer

Take an all round view of the potential leads, monitor the tasks performed to identify, attract and secure such leads and coordinate with customers to maintain a long term business relationship.

360' View of Leads

Store your leads’ tiniest to mightiest detail for you to access it later at the time of sales call. A complete overview of the lead helps in cementing the sales possibility.

Lead Scoring

Categorize your leads as per their interest score and draw periodic statistics to set your lead priorities. In future, target the ones with the maximum score and bag the sale.

Add Documents

With great sales comes great paper work. Reserve all the documentation from registration to legal forms in the client’s database and avoid dealing with hardcopies.

View Related Activities

The whole web of activities and events related to one particular client can be accessed easily as everything gets stored in the client reservoir.

Manage your

Meetings, Calls, Task

Contrive what tasks can be performed and by whom, schedule meetings with sales representative, time the calls and durations of them and make sure every task is adhered to the designed time table.

Your Calendar

An elaborate calendar is generated for each individual sales representative to show the time table of the day’s meetings and calls that are to be attended by them.

Schedule Meetings

On or off the sales field, schedule upcoming meetings with leads as per your convenience. The date, time and venue of meeting will be recorded and notified accordingly.

Add Tasks

Insert new tasks (call, visit, documentation) in the software and get reminded on time. The list of pending and finished tasks assists you in tracking the progress with leads.

Log Calls

Keep track of the number and duration of calls made to the leads. Enter the details in the database to know how much efforts are to be made in future to secure the account.

Manage your Meetings, Calls, Task
Access on our Mobile Application

On the Go Access

With Our Mobile App

Working on a sales lead, sales executives have to visit various sites and stay out of touch with the web based solution. The portable mobile application reflects what can be seen on a desktop in just a smaller screen.

360' View of Leads

Sales personnel, away from office set-up, can access the entire lead information through the mobile application and make informed deals.

Offline Access and Sync

One of the most convenient features of the solution is it even works without an internet connection. You can retrieve client information when you’re offline as the entire data is integrated with the mobile app.

Check-In & Check-Out

With the help of Geo-Tagging tool, mark your attendance at the time of check-in at the client’s place. Similarly check-out at the time of departure.

Daily Calendar & Notifications

Have your personal calendar to view all the pending schedules to attend and get regular updates and reminders for the tasks.

Tailored as per

Your Needs

CDP’s products repute for molding as per client’s personal needs. Each business has its own individualistic range of sales and a pattern of process to achieve it. SPM is designed and executed to bring out results as per such pattern.

Tailored as per Your Needs
Automated Tasks

The solution generates tasks on automated basis which are to be performed on everyday schedule to secure the leads.

Customized Workflows

Create personalized workflow according to client’s business structure so that leads can be added and tasks can be assigned in an optimum and judicious way.

Reporting and Monitoring

Produce different timely reports and statistics as per your preference. Deploy strategic filters and arrive on desired digits.

Lead Conversion

Measure your conversion of leads into secured sales which will help you decide the time and resource to invest in each acquisition.

Activity Report

Evaluate every activity performed by the sales representative and how many leads are translated into successful sales to know what is working and what is not.

Reporting and Monitoring
Sales Force Tracker

Track your sales personnel’s location at the client’s place with the Geo-Tagging installation to know the number of hours spent in cracking the deal.


With sales force tracking, mark the presence and absence of your employees. The Check-In and Check-Out time gives an exact calculation of their working hours.

Other Features

Some more of the attractive traits that gives our Sales Performance Management a total preferable edge

Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Attendance has never been easier and genuine since everything gets tracked with the employee’s log-in and log-off into the app.

Expense Statements

Expense Statements

All the expenditures incurred during attaining a sales account can be recorded by the personnel who can be later reimbursed.

Product Portfolios

Product Portfolios

A PDF file containing all the product and service catalogue of the business can be uploaded on the application and accessed by the sales person to view any detail.

Conduct Survey in Sale Performance Management Software


Publish surveys on the web portal and ask for the clients to participate and share their opinions and preferences on business matters.

Internal Chat

Internal Chat

Sales employee can hold conversations with each other regarding lead acquisition and sales related matters.

Access Control

Access Control

Segregate and manage client data for every separate branch and location and allot control to the managers according to the authority hierarchy.

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CDP is always your reliable partner in the digital transformation journey. We enable a smooth and swift switch to 1CView from your current business solution without a tinge of hassle.

Import Existing Data

Migrate all your data from the existing system to the new one so that you don’t have to start from the scratch. We understand that time is money.

Integrate with Existing Systems

If client requires, our solution is flexible enough to be integrated with their existing system and give them a sleek work experience.

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