Our Applications

1MarketView Cheetah

It provides real-time market data along with extensive technical analysis solutions. The key highlights of this product are its easy-to-use tools, exceptional built-in studies giving itsstrategy builder tool that helps you build complex strategies within seconds. The charting quality and features are state-of-the art and the best available technology presently.
Authorised data vendor of NSE for real-time market data.

1MarketView Jaguar

A real time stock market data plug- in that provides live stock market data for Amibroker. Live market data is updated Tick by Tick and Backfill is provided in minimum 1 Minute Time Frame. Amibroker real time data is available for both Equity and Futures and Options segment for NSE. 1MarketView is an authorized NSE DATA VENDOR for both and cash futures and options segment.
Authorised data vendor of NSE for real-time market data.

1MarketView Tiger

It combines Real-Time Market data, news and advanced tools & functions wrapped in intuitive user interface to deliver unparalleled Market Experience. It empowers them with Real-time information, data visualization tools, smart scanners and charting application to spot opportunities and stay on top of Market movements.

Authorised data vendor of NSE for real-time market data.


1CView is CRM software with a difference. It offers your executives a unified system for recording and reporting all operation information and provides you, a unified view of entire Sales/CRM functioning with analysis & reporting and enabling social collaboration.


1OfficeView is a Smart Office Solution that helps organizations manage & book their resources, such as Meeting Rooms, Hot Desks and Lockers efficiently.it is capable of seamlessly integrating with third party applications such as MS Exchange, Facial Recognition, etc.